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The Spontaneous Happiness Prescription
Guided Practices for Peak Emotional Wellness

Dr. Andrew Weil’s guided practices for creating emotional wellness—naturally.

Starting at: $11.70


Build a Natural Foundation of Emotional Wellness
with Dr. Andrew Weil

Just as the body is designed to heal itself, so too are we wired for emotional well-being. With The Spontaneous Happiness Prescription, you’ll learn Dr. Andrew Weil’s most effective strategies for overcoming anxiety and depression while cultivating a lasting “sea level” of contentment, comfort, and serenity—naturally. Day by day, you’ll raise your “happiness baseline” by making simple dietary and lifestyle changes, calming your senses, improving your sleep cycles, connecting more deeply with others, and utilizing other practical strategies emerging from current medical research.

The Spontaneous Happiness Prescription includes one instructional CD narrated by Dr. Weil and two practice-filled CDs where he and his colleagues guide you through:

  • Powerful breathing exercises to help refocus both mind and body for calm and resilience
  • Mindfulness meditation for increasing awareness and presence—two states found in our most fulfilling moments
  • Practices for fostering gratitude, forgiveness, and loving kindness
  • Laughter Therapy, and more

This is a companion program to the book Spontaneous Happiness—also available as a seven-hour unabridged audiobook read by the author, available online or at bookstores.

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Review for The Spontaneous Happiness Prescription Review by Maria T


Dr. Weil presents a clear and concise approach to Happiness. My husband and I listen and learn on our long drives to the cottage. (Posted on June 19, 2013)

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Review for The Spontaneous Happiness Prescription Review by Elisa L


This is an excellent audio book. After listening to the part narrated by Dr. Weil, I've been listening and learning with the meditations in the second section of the material. (Posted on March 10, 2013)

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Review for The Spontaneous Happiness Prescription Review by Alda V


It was all that I expected it to be.thank you...:) (Posted on March 2, 2013)

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