Letting Go of Self-Judgment: Lovingkindness Toward Oneself

A short guided meditation for offering loving energy to ourselves and the world.



iMeditate Guided Practice Audio Series

Compassion for others begins by building a foundation of lovingkindness toward ourselves. Sharon Salzberg leads a meditation to help us recognize suffering (our own and others’) with tenderness and awareness, and respond with the gift of loving energy for the world.


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A Number of points about this Excellent CD Review by Rosemary


The previous reviewer was not altogether happy with this CD. I want to make some corrective points.

First, this CD simply contains an extract from a session on the topic advertised. And this is clear in the advertising.

Second, because it is a real life extract, there are naturally pauses. One is meant to use them to meditate and progress on mastering the topic.

Third, Sharon Salzberg is a meditation master. One is fortunate to obtain CDs of her sessions or just parts of them.

Fourth, if one wants more, usually one has to pay more. But in my experience, Sharon Salzberg's books and CDs are most reasonably priced.

Fifth, it is a good idea to check if one's expectations are justified. (Posted on November 4, 2018)

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Review for Letting Go of Self-Judgment: Lovingkindness Toward Oneself Review by Holly Fleming


This was barely 15 minutes long with huge pauses in between her talking to the point I thought first the file was corrupted. It seemed disconnected and I didn't really understand what she was trying to get at. (Posted on August 5, 2011)

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