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Meditation in a New York Minute
Super Calm for the Super Busy

A guidebook for using micro-meditations to relax into presence during hectic daily life.

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Executive meditation coach Mark Thornton writes about a revolution—finding your deepest heart in everyday moments. In Meditation in a New York Minute, Thornton demystifies meditation and makes it accessible to all. He presents his complete program for enjoying the many benefits of meditation—stress reduction, energy, intense mental clarity—in a New York minute.

"If your life is moving at warp speed," begins Thornton, "more than ever you need to create calm quickly and profoundly." Meditation in a New York Minute will teach even the busiest readers:

  • How to get an hour of refreshing meditation into your day—without adding a thing to your schedule
  • Nineteen powerful techniques from the world's wisdom traditions, distilled into "micro-doses" you can use between meetings, while commuting, in the shower—whenever you have a free moment
  • The Eight Laws of Super Calm and the Eight Golden Keys for flipping on compassion and insight in any situation
  • The 11 Thieves along the path of meditation, and how to dodge them

"You can be super busy, super successful, and super calm at the same time, " assures Mark Thornton. With Meditation in a New York Minute, the rewards of this centuries-old inner art are finally available to everyone on the go.

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Review for Meditation in a New York Minute Review by Inese H


Frankly disappointing, given the marketing/promotional material at Sounds True. The program's title implies simplicity but the contents spin out a confusing array of 8 laws ... 5 secrets ... 11 thieves ... 7 sages ... 11 techniques, etc -- anything but simple. And the audio is muffled and narration difficult to follow. This program may work in a live audience environment with give and take but does not pan out effectively in a remote situation. (Posted on October 11, 2013)

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Review for Meditation in a New York Minute Review by robin sigler


excellant (Posted on July 15, 2012)

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Review for Meditation in a New York Minute Review by Linda Reneau


Some very good ideas for meditation teachers to help their students. (Posted on June 28, 2012)

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Paperback Book

Contents Paperback book (145 pages)
Date Published January 02, 2006
ISBN-10 1-59179-429-3
ISBN-13 978-1-59179-429-5
Dimensions 5 1/4 x 8 inches
Product Code BK01013


Contents 1 eBook (145 pages)
Filetypes EPUB, PDF, PRC
Date Published May 01, 2006
ISBN-10 1-59179-833-7
ISBN-13 978-1-59179-833-0
Product Code BK01013W