The Beginner’s Guide to Humor and Healing

Dr. Bernie Siegel's Prescription for the Healing Power of Laughter and Love

The Beginner’s Guide to Humor and Healing

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When Dr. Bernie Siegel tells a joke, it s not only funny, it's good medicine. Now this pioneering physician and author of the New York Times bestseller Love, Medicine, and Miracles uplifts our hearts and tickles our funny bones once more, with The Beginner's Guide to Humor and Healing.

From how love helps us lead longer, more productive lives, to fascinating research about laughter's ability to boost the immune system, to true stories of miracles of spontaneous remission in terminally ill patients, here is a life-affirming house call with America's favorite stand-up physician.

Course objectives:

  • Identify biochemical benefits of humor
  • Summarize basic concepts of the importance of humor in healing
  • Practice guided meditation exercise
  • List several practical suggestions to support healing


  • How laughter can improve your health
  • Lessons from exceptional patients
  • Where the "magic" in life comes from
  • Plus true stories of joy, love, and healing

Note: Excerpted from the full-length audio course Humor and Healing.


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Review for The Beginner’s Guide to Humor and Healing Review by Arianna Ely

Not much substance or information on how humor heals. Wouldn't recommend this.

(Posted on 8/4/2011)


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Contents 1 CE credit
Date Published July 14, 2010
Product Code CE01988