The Practice of Pure Awareness

Somatic Meditation for Touching Infinity

The Practice of Pure Awareness

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Your body is already awake. The journey of enlightenment, teaches Reggie Ray, ultimately leads you beyond the limits of the “head space” and into the living wisdom of the very cells that make up your physical form. With The Practice of Pure Awareness, Reggie shares what he sees as the essence of the Tibetan tantric tradition: allowing the depth and fullness of body-based or somatic intelligence to reveal itself.

Nine Step-by-Step Sessions of Somatic Meditation Training

How can we discover this perfect, somatic knowing? It begins by removing the blockages that manifest mentally, emotionally, and physically. Join Reggie Ray as he presents the practice of pure awareness in nine guided, sequential sessions that lead to the direct experience of our true nature. Emphasizing deep relaxation, the power in the lower belly, opening the central channel, and the significance of posture, Reggie helps us unfold ever-subtler realizations of our capacities to love and heal. Through Yin Breathing, Earth Descent, 12-Fold Lower Belly Breathing, and more, we journey through the channels of the subtle body, releasing old traumas and stuck energy. “Through these meditations,” says Reggie, “our true selves begin to flower. We discover that, in essence, we are a river, a torrent, of love.”

The Practice of Pure Awareness invites us into embodied awakening—a fuller and richer experience than the more arid or “above-the-neck” states of consciousness we find in many conventional spiritual approaches. Through committed practice, the body itself becomes our guide, teacher, and protector, illuminating the perfection inside and around us.

Reginald A. Ray, PhD, is the cofounder and Spiritual Director of Dharma Ocean Foundation, dedicated to the evolution and flowering of the somatic teachings of Tibetan Tantra. He is a lineage holder in the tradition of Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche. Reggie is the author of several books including Touching Enlightenment. For more, visit dharmaocean.org.


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Customer Reviews

Love You So Much Review by Brudge

I love it
Thank you all

(Posted on 1/4/2017)

Great. Review by diane

Very nice program. 50% done now. Theory and practice well mixed. Soothing voice of Reggie Ray is a blessing.
Thanks for this CD, pure gift.

(Posted on 1/3/2017)

Awesome Review by Nicola

These teachings are just what I've been seeking. I'm only part-way in and the insights to what the mind/body is has already deepened me into a greater awareness of my being.. It's one thing doing the journey, but it's another understanding one's experience of it. Great sign posting as well as great meditation practices, all preconceptions about what the body is has been dissolved... A new chapter in my awakening process has just begun... Great wisdom! Much gratitude to Reggie Ray.

(Posted on 11/25/2016)

Opening up to space Review by Vivian

Reggie Ray goes into a real realm, not merely invigorating the present reality. He is articulate, and wise. He moves me into healing and openness, away from impulse and reactivity. He is warm and special, and calm.

(Posted on 7/13/2016)

Pure gold Review by Pennie

This is pure gold! Life changing! And, I am only a third of the way into the program. . . There is an exciting journey waiting for anyone who feels called to this adventure - with Reggie Ray guiding you safely along the way. Thank you, Reggie Ray, and thank you, Sounds True, for creating this and making this knowledge accessible to so many!

(Posted on 6/14/2016)

best sitting meditation guidance ever Review by Therese

If you have been trying to meditate, especially trying to learn zazen, but just don't get or can't pull off the standard instructions to "be the breath" or "be non-judgmentally aware," then give Reggie Ray's approach a try. He teaches the how, not just the what, and leads you into experience of being the posture, skillfully bypassing your conceptual mind. Thus something new and unexpected can unfold.

(Posted on 2/26/2016)

Excellent Guide to the Practice of Pure Awareness Review by Teri

The essence of meditation, Pure Awareness, explained clearly. History, practice, science. Reggie Ray is a gifted meditation teacher and a visionary dharma holder.

(Posted on 2/6/2016)

Great teachings for deep meditation Review by Bobbie

Reggie Ray is the perfect teacher for me. He is thoughtful and comprehensive while at the same time, the instructions are deeply simple and easy for me to incorporate into my meditation practice no matter where I sit.

(Posted on 1/20/2016)



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