Music Meditation: Awaken

Music to Enhance Your Meditation and Energize Every Cell of Your Body.

Brian Scott Bennett

From The Relaxation Company

Music Meditation: Awaken

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Music Meditation: Awaken is a simple and inspiring way to enhance your meditation and energize every cell of your body. This “soundtrack” for meditation engages your mind and leads it from your daily concerns to a place of expansive freedom.

“Personally, I believe meditation should be enlightening and inspiring, so I try to make the music that way. The music should reflect joy, because in the best meditations that is what is felt. I write meditation music while I am meditating. I find that, just like following the movements of a dance teacher, following music performed in a meditative state can bring the listener to an experience of peace and joy quite easily, without years of practice and discipline.”—Brian Scott Bennett

Brian Scott Bennett composes music for many Hollywood film scores, television programs, and commercials. Brian learned about meditation and inner exploration in the sixties, from human potential leaders such as Fritz Perls, Marion Rosen, Stan Grof, and many others. Applying an eclectic mix of the techniques and practices he spent a lifetime learning, Bennett now teaches yogic breathwork, meditation, and emotional release internationally. Music Meditation: Awaken combines Brian’s artistry at creating evocative musical scores with his in-depth knowledge of how music affects the mind on all levels.


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Customer Reviews

Lovely Review by S M Fox

I have owned this for years. It is still one of my favorite go-tos. It is smooth and unobtrusive, yet invigorating.

(Posted on 5/28/2015)


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