Ancient musical modes played on electric zither to balance your mind and emotions
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To the ancient Greeks, music served a purpose beyond entertainment. Pythagoras observed that certain tonal patterns or "modes" produced specific physical and emotional responses. Cascade uses this ancient knowledge for healing and balancing the mind and body.

Track 1: "Concentration"
Using the Dorian musical mode, this song balances the mind, and assists you in entering a deep and peaceful level of mental clarity.

Track 2: "Circulation"
Using the Ionian musical mode, this song uses a cascading musical pattern to create a secure and relaxing sound for dissolving emotional tension and disharmony.

Track 3: "Activation"
Using the Aeolian musical mode, this song balances the physical body by creating a steady musical pulses and rhythmic synchronicity.



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Date Published September 21, 2010
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