Ison Sleep System 2.0
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After just a few minutes, your mind and body will fall into a state of deepest relaxation.
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Relax and Sleep—Easily and Naturally

Stress contributes to the struggle that millions of us experience sleeping each night. Ison Sleep System 2.0 is proven to help you let go of the stress and anxiety that can keep you from a good night’s rest. After just a few minutes of listening to this peaceful music, your breathing will effortlessly slow down and your mind and body will fall into a state of deep relaxation. As layers of tension melt away, you will drift easily into deep and restful sleep.

Clinically Tested—Proven Effective

A three-year study conducted at the National Institutes of Health demonstrated that this music creates a deep relaxation response and significantly reduces a number of symptoms associated with stress and anxiety. The gentle ebb and flow of this dreamy soundscape will cradle you in the peaceful warmth of irresistibly soothing melodies.

David Ison is a composer, meditation teacher, and recording artist. He developed the Ison Method™ 30 years ago to help him recover from severe injuries sustained in an automobile accident. His music is currently utilized by some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the country, including the National Institutions of Health, Bethesda Navel Hospital, San Diego Children’s Hospital, and the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine.

“Over 500,000 of our patients have experienced Ison’s music”

—George Patrick, PhD, Chief, Rehabilitation Medicine Department, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland

How to use Ison Sleep System 2.0

Turn this CD on right before going to bed. Listen at a comfortable volume, loud enough to hear but not so loud that it distracts you. As you begin to settle into sleep, pay attention to your breath. Take two or three deep inhalations and slow exhalations. With each round of breath, imagine releasing the stress and tension of your day and letting go of any concerns of tomorrow. Begin to focus on the music and allow your attention to rest on its flowing, soothing melodies. Shift your experience from hearing the music to feeling the music. Visualize its peaceful vibrations permeate and move through your body.

The music in this CD has been carefully crafted to help you relax deeply. As you listen, and as your breathing slows and deepens, you will begin to experience the welcome sensation of relaxation come over your mind and body. Muscles will release any held tension and mental chatter will gradually cease. From this warm and deeply relaxed state, you will be free to drift off to restful and rejuvenating sleep.

“The more we use David Ison’s music, the more we are convinced of its clinical effectiveness.”

—George Patrick

The Ison Method™ resulted from David Ison’s own healing experience after a serious car accident left him unable to walk. Not wanting to rely on surgery and medication, he drew upon his expertise as a musician, longtime meditator, and an energy practitioner to explore how sound, breath, and meditation could help him heal, and eventually enjoyed a full recovery. Along the way he learned powerful lessons about how to tap into his own life force energy, sometimes referred to as qi or prana, to facilitate healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. He later refined these techniques into a unique program of transformational healing music with special meditation, breathing, and listening techniques that can help anyone connect to their own wellspring of healing potential and unlock the life-force within.

David continues to explore the effectiveness of sound and music, creating new compositions with his longtime collaborator Paul Wegmann. David regularly lectures and conducts training workshops on The Ison Method™ at conferences and medical centers around the country.



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Review for Ison Sleep System 2.0 Review by Melinda D


I really liked this music/melody when I listened with a view to purchase - but oddly I find it annoyingly repetitive and the predicability keeps me awake. So this one was a dud for me - having said that - the download prices from this website are so good - as are the extra discounts - so I'm worried - you win some you lose some - but no I'm not a big fan of this purchase. (Posted on March 10, 2014)

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Review for Ison Sleep System 2.0 Review by Eric G


I found this material tedious and uninteresting. I assumed it would be an advance of the first offering, but I doubt I'll listen again (Posted on September 25, 2013)

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Review for Ison Sleep System 2.0 Review by Walter V. H


Please see all that I wrote in "The Chakra Sound System" review and apply here!

I have never heard the music to the end of the disc - I have yet to fail to fall asleep with only about 15 minutes listening or less. Thanks again David.

P.S. I will add re: The Chakra Sound System; the accompanying book is fantastic. And Sounds true has done it all up beautifully. (Posted on June 29, 2013)

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Review for Ison Sleep System 2.0 Review by Karen D


very peaceful, calming... (Posted on June 28, 2013)

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Review for Ison Sleep System 2.0 Review by Micki Turner


I found this cd irritating as it helped me relax and drift off to sleep only to bring me back up to
a waking state numerous times. As I wanted to be asleep before the cd completed the program I turned it off. (Posted on April 18, 2011)

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