Meditations for Sound Healing
Connect with Your Natural Source of Healing

These are the same meditations that have benefited thousands of Dr. Gaynor’s patients.
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Connect with Your Own Natural Source of Healing

"As a physician, I have never found a more powerful healing modality than music and sound. This CD combines the sounds of metal and quartz crystal singing bowls with guided meditation, imagery, and chants, to help you connect with your own divine essence, which is the source of your healing and sense of well-being.

"Clinical studies demonstrate that sound and guided-imagery meditation can boost the immune system, decrease stress hormones, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and induce alpha and theta brainwave patterns, which are associated with the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

"These four powerful guided meditations combined with singing bowls, keyboards, flute, percussion, soprano sax, ambient vocals, and Vedic chanting, are the same meditations that have benefited thousands of my patients over the last 15 years."—Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

Mitchell Gaynor, MD, is a board-certified medical oncologist, internist, and hematologist. Dr. Gaynor is founder and president of Gaynor Integrative Oncology in New York City, and assistant clinical professor of medicine at Weill-Cornell Medical College. Dr. Gaynor has been featured in the New York Times, Newsweek, CNN, PBS, Fox News Channel, and the Discovery Channel.



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Review for Meditations for Sound Healing Review by julie in Saint Pauli


Dr Gaynor's voice is harsh, flat and heavily accented. Very irritating and cancels out the relaxing/healing effect. The singing is warbling like you would imitate an Indian singer and the tempo is a rock beat rhythm making you want to dance instead of go deeper within yourself to access soothing healing energy. This is a very irritating, poorly executed CD. IF you are suffering please avoid this CD. Dr Gaynor intended a healing message but needed further help to execute. (Posted on January 14, 2013)

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