Music for Rejuvenation
Reflect, Heal, and Energize

Piano, sax, drums, and guitar entrain you to states of deep relaxation
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Our cycles of activity and rest are part of hundreds of invisible daily rhythms of the human body. These circadian rhythms regulate all aspects of our physiology, from our blood pressure, temperature, body chemistry, brainwaves, hormone levels, to our sleep patterns and more. Periods of rejuvenating rest come naturally when these circadian rhythms flow harmoniously. But when unnatural aspects of our lifestyles, like work and family stress, poor eating and sleeping habits, and environmental pollution, interfere with these cycles, real rest becomes an elusive goal.

This recording is designed to emulate the tempo, rhythms, and breathing patterns of the peak rest periods of our daily rhythms. It features piano, soprano saxophone, hand drums, trumpet, and guitar, along with ambient electronic textures, to create an uncommon blend of sensuous, relaxing music. It is a unique opportunity to give yourself the most precious gift: time to reflect, heal, and energize. The technological breakthroughs used in this recording were originally developed for use in clinical studies at the New York University Medical Center's Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Joseph Nagler, DA, CMT, is a musician and a certified music therapist. He received his doctorate in music therapy from New York University. He is an assistant professor of music at Queensborough Community College, as well as adjunct professor of music therapy at NYU. Dr. Nagler is the director of research at the Center for Research in the Arts & Medicine at New York University's Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. As a composer, Dr. Nagler has been featured on several national and international recordings for television and radio.



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Date Published September 23, 2010
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