The Spirit of Healing
Shamanic Journey Music — Enhanced with Field Effect Audio Technology

Cutting-edge brainwave entrainment meets time-honored drumming techniques in three music journeys to support any shamanic practice. The Spirit of Healing brings you three complete rhythmic sessions enhanced with Field Effect Audio Technology™ to deepen and enhance your ability to enter altered states of consciousness and connect with the world of spirit.

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Scientifically Enhanced Shamanic Music for Accessing Expanded Consciousness

Ancient shamans and modern sound researchers discovered the same thing—rhythm is the most reliable way to shift our brainwave states. On The Spirit of Healing, renowned teacher Sandra Ingerman joins shamanic trance drummer Byron Metcalf to present scientifically enhanced music to help you easily access an altered state and connect to the spirit world. Combining traditional drums and other shamanic instruments and sounds with Field Effect Audio Technology™, these three tracks offer an extraordinarily powerful accompaniment to shamanic practice. The three sessions on this album can facilitate any shamanic journey, but each was created with a specific intention in mind—one for cleansing the past, one for dreaming the life you want, and one for merging with a star to experience your own divine light.

About the Technology

While most brainwave entrainment products use binaural beats exclusively and require headphones for full effectiveness, Field Effect Audio Technology (FEAT™) is an integrated system of isochronic and binaural beats with drum and percussion patterns, synchronizing the brain’s hemispheres to induce expanded states of consciousness. In this way, FEAT enhances the natural trance-inducing effect of the shamanic drumbeat, allowing you to enter an altered state with greater ease and go deeper into your journey.



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Excellent CD Review by Hobo


I love this CD for meditating and also falling asleep at night. It helps clear my mind after a long day. Also helps me relax. (Posted on August 7, 2015)

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Contents 1 Audio Download (1 hour, 15 minutes)
Date Published August 01, 2015
ISBN-10 1-62203-575-5
ISBN-13 978-1-62203-575-5
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Contents 1 Audio CD (1 hour, 15 minutes)
Date Published August 01, 2015
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ISBN-13 978-1-62203-506-9
Dimensions 5.5 x 5 inches
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