Natural Pain Relief
How to Soothe and Dissolve Physical Pain with Mindfulness

Retrain your relationship to pain with this book and five proven audio meditations.
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“The most lucid and effective guidance for transcending pain I have ever encountered.”

—Charles T. Tart, PhD, editor of Altered States of Consciousness

The newest treatment for pain is one of the oldest, most effective strategies for pain-free living: mindfulness. With Natural Pain Relief, meditation expert Shinzen Young teaches you how to retrain your relationship to pain through traditional meditation practices.

Drawing from 40 years of results in the field, this widely respected teacher offers the essential techniques that have proven successful at pain-management centers around the country. This integrated learning book and CD adapts the core principles of mindfulness training to a practical process that can treat even extreme, chronic pain effectively, possibly reducing the need for drugs or surgery.

Through step-by-step techniques taught in plain language, you’ll learn how to overcome your internal resistance to pain by observing and opening to it, which is the key to transforming physical suffering into a flow of pure energy. With regular practice, you can tap into your mind’s own power to overcome physical pain.

Five guided practices include:

  • How to deconstruct pain into manageable pieces
  • Experience how pain naturally transforms into energy
  • How to allow pain to dissipate into space
  • Use the “Breath Pleasure” technique to dramatically soothe pain
  • Free up your energy to heal and begin living your life again

Previously released as Break Through Pain.



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excellent , easy to understand and utilize Review by Annie


It takes sheer genius to explain the workings of the mind;to make it relatable, relevant and understandable.
For my first try at mindfulness, I see the relevance of it in my life.
My chronic diseases need this avenue and Shinzen does a wonderful job to put me on the path to mindfulness.
I find him fascinating, extremely smart, easy to follow, down to earth and I feel fortunate to have found him? (Posted on March 16, 2015)

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Review for Natural Pain Relief Review by Lestlie Prokosch


It was ok, but not great. (Posted on July 15, 2011)

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Paperback Book and CD

Contents 1 CD (1 hour); 1 Hardcover book (88 pages)
Date Published April 01, 2011
ISBN-10 1-60407-088-9
ISBN-13 978-1-60407-088-0
Dimensions 6 x 8 inches
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Contents 1 eBook (88 pages)
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Date Published April 01, 2011
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ISBN-13 978-1-60407-335-5
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