Our Lady of Guadalupe
Devotions, Prayers, & Living Wisdom

Discover the fearless compassion of this Latin American icon of the divine feminine.



Our Lady of Guadalupe takes you to a time when a modest Aztec peasant had a vision of a radiant woman "clothed in the sun." This divine presence began to emerge as a union between Mary of Christianity and the Mother Goddess of the native people. As her legend swept across the crumbling Aztec empire, she inspired millions of followers to peacefully embrace a changing world.

Today, the beloved Lady of Guadalupe still acts as a benevolent, merciful force to help us rise above strife and violence. For those times when we are called to engage in compassionate yet decisive action, it is the force of the divine feminine embodied by Our Lady of Guadalupe that can guide our path.

With poetry, prayers, and art gathered together by editor Mirabai Starr, Our Lady of Guadalupe gives you a powerful link to this blessed mother, and to the loving and righteous grace of her sacred energy.



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Contents 1 eBook (121 pages)
Filetypes EPUB, PDF, PRC
Date Published March 01, 2008
ISBN-10 1-59179-795-0
ISBN-13 978-1-59179-795-1
Product Code BK01223W