Qi Healing

Energy Medicine Techniques to Heal Yourself and Others

Qi Healing

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Indigenous healers have known for centuries how to direct vital life energy through their hands and into those in need. Perhaps no other part of the world has refined this skill more intensely than China, which has a 3,000-year-old tradition of therapeutic qigong. Therapeutic qigong is so effective—yet so simple to learn—that it is now being used by hospitals and clinics

Now, with Qi Healing, you can learn how to use these authentic techniques yourself to heal and energize others. You will learn to release stagnant qi (or "life force") in others, detoxify internal energy systems, and restore a healthy balance of qi flow throughout all the tissues of the body. Taught by Ken Cohen, one of the most respected qigong authorities in the world, this complete video instructional course demonstrates every step for administering healing qi energy to others safely and effectively.

Two detailed sessions include exercises for mental and physical clarity, methods for organ cleansing, specific external qigong practices to direct qi precisely for maximum healing effect, and much more.


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Customer Reviews

Review for Qi Healing Review by WILLIAM H

Ken Cohen does a very good job in the videos, of teaching this Qigong method. Having experience in other Qigong styles, I see the similarities and I have complete confidence in Ken's competence and authenticity. It helps to know also that he was declared one of the 9 most effective healers tested at the Menninger Foundation's "copper wall" project. "Qi Healing" added a great deal to my understanding of Qigong.

(Posted on 6/18/2014)

Review for Qi Healing Review by jeanette v wyk

Well presented with excellent qigong sequence and well shown healing techniques. Really enjoyed and wished it was longer.

(Posted on 4/13/2014)

Review for Qi Healing Review by Felix Y

Good and clear step by step instructions. Great for those who want a clear start into healing.

(Posted on 4/9/2014)

Review for Qi Healing Review by Annelie S

Fascinating and thorough, as I have come to expect from Ken Cohen after purchasing his "Qigong" in a health food store many years ago. Thank you, Sounds True; however, I wish it had been available in DivX (.avi) format. I had to convert the download before I could play it.

(Posted on 2/27/2014)

Review for Qi Healing Review by James C

I was very happy with the quick postage service and the item was exactly as described. I will certainly buy more from Ken Cohen. Instruction were very clear and at a pace that allows the viewer to stay up.

(Posted on 8/18/2013)

Review for Qi Healing Review by Kunzang

Excellent. I've been studying and practicing various healing arts for about 15 years now and I found this video to be very informative and helpful. I'd recommend it more for someone who has experience with some kind of energy work (Qigong, Reiki, Internal Martial Arts). For beginners I'd recommend Ken Cohen's Qigong DVD.

(Posted on 12/18/2012)

Review for Qi Healing Review by Jennifer Grant

The video is a good introduction, but too slow for folks who are already familiar with Qigong and energy healing in general. I was surprised to see that Mr. Cohen is overweight.
I am pleased with the process of ordering and delivery by Sounds True and would order again in the future.

(Posted on 2/28/2012)

Review for Qi Healing Review by Beverly Anderson

Very happy with the DVD. All and more of what I expected.

(Posted on 2/20/2012)

Review for Qi Healing Review by Sharon Kimura

I enjoyed this DVD set. Ken Cohen comes across as scholarly, but down to earth and genial. He explained and demonstrated everything clearly. This is a great introduction to Qi Gong healing. Recommeneded.

(Posted on 12/15/2011)

Review for Qi Healing Review by Sara Bermejo

This is an excellent introduction to qi healing techniques. Ken Cohen has created a product everyone can use easily. I intend to become proficient in these techniques before moving on to more scholarly materials like those developed by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson.

(Posted on 10/6/2011)

Review for Qi Healing Review by Wendy Magee

Keep an open mind, here is where you will witness the feeling of energy if you haven't been able to recognize it before.

(Posted on 5/5/2011)

Review for Qi Healing Review by Kathy Rock

This item was actually a replacement item for our library, a friend wanted to view the other and never returned it.
We have almost all of Mr Cohens Publications in out personal library

(Posted on 4/20/2011)



Contents 2 DVDs (2 hours, 45 minutes); 1 Study guide (27 pages)
Date Published April 01, 2005
ISBN-10 1-59179-308-4
ISBN-13 978-1-59179-308-3
Dimensions 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches
Product Code VT00025D

Video Download

Contents 1 Video download (2 hours, 45 minutes)
Filetypes MP4, PDF
Date Published August 01, 2000
ISBN-10 1-60407-534-1
ISBN-13 978-1-60407-534-2
Product Code VT00025W