Fierce Intimacy
Standing Up to One Another with Love

Transform your relationship with the tools of “full-respect living”

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Proven Skills for Navigating the Real Challenges of Intimate Relationships
What does it take for couples to sustain love? How can you deepen your relationship even when you and your partner disagree, fight, or let each other down? "Intimacy isn't something you have. It's something you do," teaches Terry Real. "It's a minute-by-minute practice of connecting to others through empathy, vulnerability, and accountability." With Fierce Intimacy, this renowned author offers a revolutionary way of living in connection—one that allows you to cherish your partner, yourself, and your relationship in equal measure.
How to Communicate with Love and Respect—Even When You Argue
Terry's approach to relationship is called "full-respect living"—to skillfully and honestly assert your needs while also honoring your partner's needs. In these six sessions, he presents invaluable training for individuals and couples on developing the skills necessary for this authentic way of connecting. You'll begin by learning how to clear away the outdated beliefs and habits that keep you from developing healthy self-esteem. Then Terry will help you and your partner transform the Five Losing Strategies that sabotage relationships into the Five Winning Strategies that lead to clear communication, trust, and mutual support.
"When we dare to be more vulnerable and open and honest, we are forging new territory," says Terry Real. Whether you're still seeking a partner or want to breathe new life into your existing relationship, Fierce Intimacy brings you essential tools for connecting with true respect, uncompromising honesty, and ever-deepening love.

  • The adaptive child—how to recognize and defuse self-sabotaging habits
  • Unhealthy self-esteem traps for men and women
  • Identifying your CNI (Core Negative Image)—a key to making arguments constructive instead of destructive
  • The Feedback Wheel—a four-step approach to revolutionize your communication
  • The Five Losing Strategies: our impulses to control, retaliate, and be right all the time
  • The Five Winning Strategies for shared happiness, connection, and success



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Contents 6 CDs (6 hours, 4 minutes)
Date Published September 04, 2018
ISBN-10 1-68364-157-4
ISBN-13 978-1-68364-157-5
Dimensions 6 7/8 x 6 5/8 inches
Product Code AF05477D

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Contents 1 Audio download (6 hours, 4 minutes)
Filetypes M4B, MP3, PDF, ZIP
Date Published September 04, 2018
ISBN-10 1-68364-158-2
ISBN-13 978-1-68364-158-2
Product Code AF05477W

CE Credits

Contents 6 CE Credits Available
Date Published June 08, 2018
Product Code CE05795