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Harriet Lerner on Mothers and Daughters
Breaking the Patterns That Keep You Stuck

Explore a central yet often mysterious relationship: the mother-daughter bond.

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Course objectives:

  • Dissect the primal relationship at the core of the mother-daughter bond
  • Discuss how family and social pressures devalue motherhood and sabotage the mother-daughter dialogue
  • Inspect how our relationship with our mother anchors all other relationships in our lives
  • Analyze several mother-daughter case studies
  • Identify family triangles and find methods of undoing them
  • Develop a genuine appreciation of our differences through hearing our mother's history

Before a woman is anything else, she is a daughter. Her relationship with her mother anchors every other relationship in her life. Yet as an adult she may still blame her mother, try to change her, or fail to speak out about issues that matter.

Harriet Lerner on Mothers and Daughters is a personal conversation for every woman who seeks to better understand the mystery of the mother-daughter bond. Dr. Lerner illustrates why our mothers inevitably disappoint us, and why it is so hard to stay connected—and stay ourselves—when differences arise.

With specific skills and guidelines for changing the patterns that keep us stuck, Harriet Lerner on Mothers and Daughters represents this esteemed psychologist's most complete work on the central relationship in the emotional lives of women.

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Review for Harriet Lerner on Mothers and Daughters Review by Diane Sarrazin


I just love it! (Posted on November 23, 2011)

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Review for Harriet Lerner on Mothers and Daughters Review by Arianna Ely


Very good. Packed with information on cultural and familial influences on mothers and daughters, as well as how to use this information clinically. Clearly spoken (Posted on August 4, 2011)

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