Relieve Anxiety with Medical Hypnosis

Relieve Anxiety with Medical Hypnosis

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Promising news! The cause of your anxiety and its antidote are one and the same—the mind. With Relieve Anxiety with Medical Hypnosis, Dr. Steven Gurgevich shows you how to tap the power of your subconscious mind to overcome worry, nervousness, panic, and more.

On part one, Dr. Gurgevich explains the physiology of anxiety, and how to effectively use medical hypnosis to unlearn stressful psychological and behavioral patterns.

Part two guides you through four trancework sessions to help you produce the body's natural relaxation response whenever and wherever you need it. Relieve Anxiety with Medical Hypnosis gives you all the tools to:

Course objectives:

  • Differentiate between internal and external causes of anxiety
  • Describe the various anxiety disorders
  • Identify the methods used to create a healthy resilience to anxiety
  • Practice using the power of the subconscious to overcome worry, nervousness, and panic
  • Enhance your skills of mental and physical relaxation
  • Create a healthy resilience to anxiety through simple mental, physical, and spiritual self-care strategies
  • Release the emotional energy that fuels chronic worry
  • Boost confidence in public speaking, test taking, athletics, and social situations

Dr. Gurgevich first began exploring the mind-body connection almost 40 years ago, when panic attacks plagued him in graduate school. Today, he is internationally recognized as a leading expert in mind-body medicine, and a master at using medical hypnosis to assist in a broad range of health challenges.

Join this trusted voice to discover your passport to "Comfort, Peace, and Relaxation," with Relieve Anxiety with Medical Hypnosis. Includes 20-page study guide.


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Customer Reviews

Review for Relieve Anxiety with Medical Hypnosis Review by Judi J

I bought Seven Gurgevich's 2 CD set and find it very helpful for my anxiety issues. I learned so much I hadn't known about anxiety on the first CD and the second Cd has the most wonderful meditations....I am so grateful to Sounds True for offering the CD and most of all to Mr. Gurgevich for providing me with much needed information and support.

(Posted on 9/15/2014)

Review for Relieve Anxiety with Medical Hypnosis Review by Monica L

This was a gift for my daughter, so I cannot review it first hand, but she seems very happy with it, she tells me it has helped her a lot.

(Posted on 1/27/2014)

Review for Relieve Anxiety with Medical Hypnosis Review by Sarah

This disc has changed my life. I have struggled with anxiety, night terrors, and phobia at being alone at night for years. I have tried cognitive therapy (which helped, but required weekly sessions which became too costly to maintain, and it did not have the immediately, complete, results I experienced with the medical hypnosis), and multiple anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications over the past 15 years. I purchased this disc and after listening to the informative first disc, and only one hypnosis session on the second disc (and I believe I fell asleep after 5 minutes), I was able to sleep completely through the night without any anxiety attacks. This is the first for me in so many years. I have continued to complete a session each evening before bed, and each night I do so, my anxiety attacks and night terrors do not appear. I am still trying to come to full understanding that this is real, that finally after all these years I am able to sleep through the night after utilizing the mind-body connection and hypnosis techniques on this disc. The impact was so immediate and complete I can honestly not beleive it myself, even though it is happening to me! I highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from anxiety or phobias. I have also found now after a little over a week of use, that I am handling other daily stresses in life, such as demanding items at work, with greater ease and clarity. This is an amazing solution to anxiety and I thank Dr. Gurgevich for his work and sharing this tool with others, it has truly changed my life.

(Posted on 3/24/2013)

Review for Relieve Anxiety with Medical Hypnosis Review by Crysta Meador

Pretty good CD though not for using to fall asleep. Most of the meditations require you to be alert. Easy to use and the different tracks let you pick and choose based on time.

(Posted on 4/11/2012)

Review for Relieve Anxiety with Medical Hypnosis Review by Elizabeth Bolza

Very helpful, very easy to follow!
Thanks very much,
Liz Bolza

(Posted on 2/17/2012)

Review for Relieve Anxiety with Medical Hypnosis Review by Kristy McCaffrey

This CD has been immensely helpful. I've suffered panic attacks for years and it has given me practical tools for dealing with it. I highly recommend it.

(Posted on 1/18/2012)

Review for Relieve Anxiety with Medical Hypnosis Review by catherine medeiros

This is an excellent CD for anyone suffering with anxiety or panic attacks. On the first CD Dr Gurgevich explains everything there is to know about anxiety and panic. He talks about his own experiences with panic attacks and how he overcame them. I've been experiencing frequent anxiety attacks and it was very comforting to hear Dr G. talk about his own experiences and how alone one can feel when experiencing them. My first reaction was to shout "YES!... that's exactly how I've been feeling!" And I felt a sense of relief hearing that the cause and the antidote are one and the same...the mind.

The second CD has four hypnosis sessions. The first session is for everyday use and practice. It contains a wonderful progressive relaxation exercise. The second session is a practice session for future events that might cause anxiety, and the rehearsing of relaxation responses to replace the anxiety when the event arrives. In the third hypnosis session, Dr G guides the listener through an induction technique using the 4-7-8 breathing technique. This is a breathing exercise that was developed by Dr. Andrew Weil, it is most effective for calming the body's reaction to stress and anxiety... and what a wonderful induction method as well. The fourth hypnosis session is a fast acting session that produces an immediate sense of calmness, peace, and comfort within.

I've been practicing the self-hypnosis sessions every day and have found them to be very effective in relieving anxiety. I highly recommend this CD.

(Posted on 2/28/2009)



Contents 2 CDs (2 hours, 45 minutes); 1 Study guide (20 pages)
Date Published June 01, 2007
ISBN-10 1-59179-580-X
ISBN-13 978-1-59179-580-3
Dimensions 5 x 5 inches
Product Code AW01149D

Audio Download

Contents 1 Audio download (2 hours, 45 minutes)
Filetypes M4B, MP3, PDF, ZIP
Date Published October 17, 2007
ISBN-10 1-60407-283-0
ISBN-13 978-1-60407-283-9
Product Code AW01149W

CE Credits

Contents 2 CE credits
Date Published July 09, 2010
Product Code CE01871