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Secrets of Your Cells

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Secrets of Your Cells

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Product Review (submitted on May 12, 2013):

Sounds True has done it again. Where do they find their amazing authors? I have been so well educated and inspired over the years. Sondra Barrett, PhD has joined their ranks with her fascinating new book, "Secrets of Your Cells," a practical guide for applying the innate wisdom of our cells to our health and spiritual lives. "Our cells are more than just fortuitous arrangements of chemicals," explains Dr. Barrett. "They are a community of trillions of sentient entities cooperating to create a sanctuary for the human soul." Dr. Barrett takes us on an exciting adventure of seeing the inner workings of our bodies in a new way and she demonstrates how our physical lives relate to this vast universe in which we live.

There are so many "take aways" from the book, but one of the unexpected ones is to be able to see cells and molecules as sacred art, as revealed by the fascinating color photographs of the inner and outer world. Dr. Barrett, I am a fan!