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The Self-Acceptance Project

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The Self-Acceptance Project

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Product Review (submitted on April 17, 2013):

I have been a Sounds True customer for a number of years so first of all, let me say thank you for creating such an incredible business. It's so much more than a source to purchase CDs/tapes/books -- it's a place that makes sense in an increasingly challenging world. Everything that I have purchased through Sounds True has helped me untangle and move through difficult spaces and times in my life, as well as grounding and supporting me in general. Huge thanks!

But what spurred me to write this note is the Self Compassion Project.

(that's me taking a deep, long breath)

The four sessions I have watched so far have helped start to unblock log jams that I have been stuck in for years. Such a huge relief not to be fighting with or vainly trying to ignore the voices and getting no where. Astounding to see how my body and brain react when I take a different approach.

Thank you so much for the energy and wisdom and generosity that it took to create and offer this to the world. I have forwarded it to so many people who are close to me, and I hope they forward to people they care about, as well. It is such a precious gift you have given; please know how treasured it is (by at least one person, but I am sure by many many many more).