Rhythmcolor Exotica
Pan-global Rhythms and Grooves

A trancy, jazzy, border-crossing celebration with drums, trombone, and didjeridu.

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"Glen Velez has come up with East-West hybrids that combine a Western sense of proportion with non-Western improvisation and meditative depths—music that earns a place between two worlds."
New York Times

"More than just one of the planet's most versatile percussionists, Velez proves a captivating composer"
Los Angeles Reader

Inspired by ancient frame-drumming traditions, Glen Velez and Handance create a pan-global rhythmic style drawing on the music of South India, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Rhythmcolor Exotica explores the terrains created by rhythmic cycles of four, five, seven, and even forty-one beats. This inventive urban drum-clan dazzles with its virtuosity, including the playful melodic inventions of Art Baron on trombone. Add in tin whistle, didgeridoo, shaker, and conch, and you have a one-of-kind trancy, jazzy, border-crossing celebration. The frame drums played on Rhythmcolor Exotica include Moroccan bendir, North African mazhar and tar, Egyptian riq, and Celtic bodhran.

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Review for Rhythmcolor Exotica Review by Gloria


What's with you people? This is FABULOUS... (Posted on August 20, 2011)

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