Saint John of the Cross

Devotions, Prayers, & Living Wisdom

Saint John of the Cross

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When the humble friar Juan de Yepes felt despair creeping into his heart after months of imprisonment, he cried out to God: "Where have you hidden, my Beloved?" Today, we can hear the answer to his plea in his transcendent poetry and prose, which stand as eternal testaments to Saint John's faith, insight, and courage in dark times. His uplifting masterpieces, such as "The Spiritual Canticle" and "Dark Night of the Soul," are revered by spiritual masters of every tradition.

In Saint John of the Cross, you are invited to enter into the mind and heart of one of contemplative Christianity's greatest visionaries. Through his writing and poetry, John of the Cross shares his wisdom for how we can abide in pure presence, which paths we can follow to bring clarity and peace to our souls, and how we can nurture a love that can transform even our most painful trials into an ecstatic communion with God.


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Customer Reviews

Review for Saint John of the Cross Review by Theresa S

Miraibi Star is a passionate soul who has a profound gift enabling the reader to connect to the wisdom of St. John of the Cross. She has written yet another book that is a must-read for those on the spiritual journey.

(Posted on 4/20/2014)

Review for Saint John of the Cross Review by Cybele Wolf

quite happy~ she is a wonderful writer....thank you...

(Posted on 1/11/2014)

Review for Saint John of the Cross Review by Michelle V N

Truly enjoyed the benefit of learning so much about a true Saint in such a beautiful, short, little book. A quick and easy read, if that's what you're looking for; but to actually digest takes more time and allows for some challenging meditation. The depth of thought and insight definitely makes this a book that I will to go back to time and time again. Mirabai has a way of gently and effectively weaving St. John's writings with poetry of others in the spirit of St. John. A joy to hold; a joy to read. Simply, a joy!

(Posted on 9/24/2012)



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Date Published March 01, 2008
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