Settling the Discursive Mind

Exploring the Breath Through Shamatha Meditation

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Settling the Discursive Mind

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Shamatha is an approach to meditation practice that means “calm abiding,” which helps practitioners develop sustained mindful attention to an object of meditation such as the breath. Through six talks and guided meditations, Reggie explores the true depth and possibility of shamatha practice.

In these meditations, we receive foundational training in such areas as: working with physical pain, using the body as an object of meditation, the five levels of shamatha practice, and finding stillness through attention to the natural rhythm of the breath. We are also introduced to the dynamic interplay of shamatha with the experience of insight or clear-seeing known as vipashyana. These talks are drawn from an array of programs that Reggie taught between 2005 and 2009.

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Review for Settling the Discursive Mind Review by Roy Buchanan

contains extensive practices more thorough than most teachings of meditation and also insightful talks providing ways to understand the practices

(Posted on 4/28/2011)


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