Calm Mama
Gentle Music for You and Your Baby-to-Be

Bioacoustically arranged classical music to soothe pregnant mothers and their babies.



A Soothing Musical Journey Created Especially for Pregnant Mothers

Restorative relaxation is the most precious gift an expecting mother can receive. Calm Mama is the perfect music for helping pregnant mothers relax, unwind, and keep their stress levels down—for the health of both the mother and her baby-to-be. Using clinically proven techniques to maximize the calming power of music, Joshua Leeds has created an album of psychoacoustically arranged classical pieces designed to bring a mother through an arc of deep relaxation, creating the experience of a soothing mini-vacation that leaves her refreshed and revitalized. For any mother who is "listening for two," here is an ideal album for escaping the daily bustle and entering a much-needed oasis of musical serenity.


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Date Published November 01, 2013
Product Code MM03729W