Son of Man

The Mystical Path to Christ

Son of Man

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A Revolutionary Vision of Jesus

Designed as both a practical guide and a call to action, the Son of Man audio edition brings to life a revolutionary vision of the historical Jesus that is intended to transform the sacred imagination of the world. Harvey builds a cathedral of words and invites you inside, where you will discover the spiritual riches that have been left unclaimed for 2,000 years. While sharing new research into the original gospel as Jesus taught it, Andrew Harvey examines centuries of distortions, bringing into new focus the most treasured fruits of the entire Christian mystical tradition. What emerges from this myth-cleansing process and restoration in no way diminishes Jesus, but instead presents him as a mystical, political, radical revolutionary of infinite importance to the human race. Divided into four challenging sections, Son of Man covers:

  • The historical Jesus and his radical path
  • The four stages of the mystical path to Christhood
  • Christ the sacred androgyne as the embodiment of the divine feminine
  • Practices and meditations for the direct path to Christ.

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Customer Reviews

Transformative Review by Elissa

I have listened to this series completely at least 3 times and very often I will listen to segments when I feel I need an attitude adjustment and it always works. Andrew's voice and tone is deeply humbled although full of knowledge and wisdom. For the first time in my more than 50 years of loving Jesus, I feel like I am listening to someone who truly knows the heart and soul of the man and the Christ consciousness. There are not many teachers out there who can express the extraordinary and vital message which Jesus has come to impart to the creation while also acknowledging the voice and kingdom of God expressed in other faith systems. Bravo Andrew and thank you!!!

(Posted on 8/25/2015)


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