Song of Increase
Listening to the Wisdom of Honeybees for Kinder Beekeeping and a Better World

Interest in sustainable beekeeping is at an all-time high. For anyone eager to learn more about this increasingly popular activity, Song of Increase is a book with the potential to change not just the way you look at honeybees, but your entire relationship with the natural world. “Bee whisperer” Jacqueline Freeman, whose bee and farm YouTube videos have been watched more than a million times, shares spiritual wisdom and practical insights for engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship with these surprising creatures.

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The most joyful emanation produced by a colony of bees is known as the “song of increase”—declaring that the hive is flourishing and the bees are happy in its abundance. Song of Increase takes us inside the world of the honeybee to glean the wisdom of these fascinating creatures with whom humanity has shared a sacred bond for millennia.

Within these pages is a bee-centric approach to living with honeybees, rather than advice for simply maximizing the products they provide. Jacqueline Freeman takes us beyond traditional beekeeping and offers a way to work in harmony with honeybees for both their good and ours. “Our way is one of kind observation,” she explains, “where we create supportive homes and fields for bees to live in, as well as tend the heartfelt relationships we form by being together.”

Song of Increase focuses on hidden aspects of apiculture that lead us naturally to more sustainable practices. Freeman illuminates the unity consciousness that guides every action in the colony and how this profound awareness can influence the way we see both the natural world and ourselves. Each chapter presents a wealth of information about the life of bees, including Freeman’s personal insights and direct teachings received from the bees themselves.



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Meditate on BEING. Review by Cosmic Ed


Bee's are tuned in to the consciousness of the world. (Posted on December 26, 2016)

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Eyeopening new understanding of the thoughts of the bees on their own well-being and how we humans can help then as Beekeepers and stewards of the planet Review by Truly amazing view into the supra consciousness of the Hive


I cannot speak highly enough about about this ground-breaking book. Ms. Freeman speaks directly to the bees and asks them how to best help them in the challenging environmental times.
She and the bees answer critical question about beekeeping and the role the bees play on keeping the earth grid functioning.
This book is a must for people who would approach their BEES with recognition of their supra- consciousness. Treetment Free and Bee-Centric bee keepers and environmentalists should have this as their first resource.
(Posted on November 25, 2016)

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