Beloved Sons Series
Masculine Spirituality & Why Males Need Initiation

Father Rohr addresses the critical need for initiation and spirituality in men’s lives. Two powerful talks for men committed to authenticity and growth on the spiritual journey.

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Masculine Spirituality: Why do men struggle so often with the spiritual? Many flat out reject the inner journey, mistaking it for being soft or weak. The need for real masculine spirituality—one that speaks to man’s true core—is the subject of this talk with Richard Rohr, OFM.

Why Males Need Initiation: Primal societies have demonstrated that cultural survival is dependent on personal spirituality. Unfortunately, the natural way to lead males to this journey has been lost for a thousand years. In this talk, Fr. Richard addresses the reality that if men are not led through an inner journey of powerlessness, they will inevitably misunderstand and abuse power.


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Date Published July 01, 2013
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