Divine Eros
A Book Talk with Karen Johnson and A. H. Almaas

Divine Eros brings selfless love and passionate desire together.

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Living fully we come into direct experiential contact with the purity of life. Life is the creative force of being that courses through our individual consciousness. When we feel this pulse of life, we know that it is inherently erotic. It is full of the love, enjoyment, pleasure, and excitement of being a living consciousness. When we know the divine nature of Eros we can express it in our various life situations. It becomes more about what we bring to circumstances than what we try to eke out of them. Divine Eros brings selfless love and passionate desire together. Such unity becomes a force that can power the drive for enlightenment and fuel the actualization of being in everyday life. The magnetic force of Divine Eros is the true energy of the devotional path that draws the human individual to the unity with the source of all things. When two individuals know this truth, Divine Eros is expressed through the relationship in the different kinds of relational fields. The force of Divine Eros is a major creative expression of enlightened awareness. It transforms everyday life into a creative discovery. The dynamism of relating between two or more can become a conduit for the infinite expression of being.


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