Even the Sun Will Die
An Interview with Eckhart Tolle

Recorded on September 11, 2001, a historic meeting exploring the nature of impermanence.
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When Eckhart Tolle agreed to be interviewed on September 11, 2001, he could not foresee the historic nature of this date or the suffering that would follow. As the day's events unfolded, in real time, he responded with a calm and clear voice, helping to make sense out of the fear and chaos that will forever define this date. Even the Sun Will Die documents this historic meeting with Eckhart Tolle and the comforting wisdom he revealed that day.

We live in a time, he says, when we define ourselves through our enemies; and science and technology are in the service of human madness. Yet even in the face of disaster, a miracle happens when we say "yes" to living in this moment and no other. This great opening, he teaches, can serve as nothing less than the beginning of a revolution in human consciousness with the potential to transform our world and everyone in it. Also for the first time on audio, Eckhart Tolle comments on his own awakening, and what he sees as the next step in human evolution.

From insights into the way out of suffering, to evidence that a new consciousness is already rising, Even the Sun Will Die confirms Eckhart Tolle's place among the most important and accessible spiritual teachers of our time.



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Review for Even the Sun Will Die Review by Hrönn H


Even the sun will die is amazing. Here you can hear how Eckhart started. Your presence will increase during listening as he explaines (point) you to the right derection so you can let go of the suffering. (Posted on August 13, 2014)

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Review for Even the Sun Will Die Review by rebecca p


Tami Simon please interview more and more teachers, and note that you are the interviewer in the descriptions. The way you pose the questions and your tone of voice seem to inspire candid responses and even humor! Your questions bring a depth of response not always present when the teachers give an improvised monologue. Well done! (Posted on October 19, 2012)

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Review for Even the Sun Will Die Review by Brian B.


Best audio program from Tolle in my opinion. It was while listening to this interview two years ago that I had my first glimpse of reality. Something he said just triggered it in me. Listen carefully to his words and it may have the same impact on you. Powerful stuff. (Posted on July 31, 2012)

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Contents 2 CDs (135 minutes)
Date Published July 01, 2002
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ISBN-13 978-1-56455-968-5
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