Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience

An unabridged audio book read by the author on cultivating the practice of faith.



Teachings to Cultivate the Practice of Faith

We tend to think of faith as a commodity you either have or you don’t. But in many of the world’s wisdom traditions, faith isn’t something you possess; it’s something you do. “Faith is a willingness to take the next step, to see the unknown as an adventure, to launch a journey,” teaches Sharon Salzberg. Now this beloved meditation teacher and author shares her unique understanding of faith, distinguishing it from belief and dogma, to help you cultivate this profound force in your life.

On this four-hour program Salzberg dispels the negative concepts that label faith as either “blind” or “ignorant” and reveals something much deeper: an intelligence and common sense rooted in your deepest experience. With discerning wisdom, she invites you to explore:

  • The crucial first step in the faith journey: embracing impermanence—the ever-changing nature of the world
  • The surprising relationship between doubt and faith
  • How to move forward when you feel lost in the mire of resignation and despair
  • Faith as a refuge for even our hardest times
  • The ingredients of true faith: love and respect for ourselves and others

Faith is the ability to offer your heart to the truth of what is happening, the present expression of possibility, and the conduit connecting you to a bigger reality. With Faith you gain a powerful tool for cultivating the peace of mind and ease to carry you through any situation.

Unabridged audiobook read by the author.



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Review for Faith Review by David Cardon


I have listened to the audio recording of "Fath: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience" three times. Her insights on the topic of faith from a Buddhist perspective seemed very relevant to me as a practicing Christian. I will purchase other books by her in the future. (Posted on May 2, 2011)

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