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Finding Faith in Difficult Times
Teachings and Meditations for Trusting the Energy of the Divine

Iyanla’s most cherished prayers and practices that lifted her through hardships.

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Iyanla Vanzant knows hard times, and how to work through them using the power of faith. Before writing five New York Times bestsellers, she had a troubled childhood followed by teen pregnancy, two abusive marriages, and welfare. How did she manage to turn her life around?

Finding Faith in Difficult Times shares Vanzant's most cherished collection of the insights, prayers, and meditations she developed to work through those years of personal struggles. Here, you will learn how to cultivate faith and determination, build inner strength, and find lasting peace in even the most challenging moments of life.

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Review for Finding Faith in Difficult Times Review by barbara d


This is an excellent download, one that I could listen to over & over....and I will (Posted on October 1, 2012)

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Review for Finding Faith in Difficult Times Review by Victoria Jarvis


I enjoyed this CD very much. I have other teaching taped and books by her, and I think she is wonderful. Straight from the heart and straight to the heart. Great ! (Posted on March 22, 2012)

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