Freedom from the World
Bridging the Dimensions of Form and Formlessness

“When the content of your life becomes secondary to the deeper dimension within you,” teaches Eckhart Tolle, “you’ve found freedom from the world.” This is the liberating message at the heart of this nine-session audio program recorded on a five-day retreat with Eckhart. Join him for more than 12 hours of teachings for discovering who we are in our essential nature—and doing our part in transforming the world even as we transcend it.
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Once there was a student who asked the master, “How can I become free of the world?” The reply: “Love the world and everything in it.” How do we handle this paradox? By allowing and accepting what is. This is the simple yet life-changing teaching Eckhart Tolle shares on Freedom from the World, a retreat with the bestselling author of The Power of Now.

Deepening Our Perception of Who We Really Are

Many people with worldly success report they’re actually miserable, begins Eckhart. This is because worldly possessions and accomplishments will only bring short-term fulfillment when our lives are not rooted in the unified, unmanifested source of life itself—or what Eckhart often calls “the formless dimension.” By discovering who we are in our most essential nature, he explains, we naturally begin to transform the world even as we transcend it. Freedom from the World brings you nine sessions with Eckhart, exploring how to be and act simultaneously in the material realm and in the formless dimension.

“You are a blessing on the planet when you are in touch with the spacious, formless dimension within yourself,” teaches Eckhart. Freedom from the World brings you empowering teachings for bridging the dimensions of form and formlessness and living with renewed joy, peace, and a sense of a meaningful purpose.


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Contents 11 CDs (13 hours, 2 minutes)
Date Published April 01, 2016
ISBN-10 1-89488-453-1
ISBN-13 978-1-894884-53-2
Dimensions 6 7/8 x 6 5/8 inches
Product Code ET04855D

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Date Published April 01, 2016
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