Gifts of a Dark Night

Dealing Effectively with Times of Loss and Trial

Gifts of a Dark Night

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An Online Event with the Bestselling Author of Care of the Soul

What if our times of trial—the loss of a loved one, a financial challenge, an illness, or an ongoing dissatisfaction with life—also held profound gifts? According to Thomas Moore, they can. "Rather than seeing dark nights as an obstacle to overcome as quickly as possible, we can honor these fragile periods as times of incubation and opportunity to delve into our soul's deepest needs and find new understanding of life's meaning."

In his first online event, Gifts of a Dark Night, this acclaimed teacher shares an interactive three-session series to help us learn how to navigate our inevitable times of trial with grace, dignity, and trust. Complete with three live Q&A sessions, this empowering event offers tools and techniques for finding a spiritual perspective and transforming through your dark nights.

Does a dark night always have meaning? How can we endure difficult situations and find their value? Drawing on his 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist and investigator of the soul, Moore shares a three-part process that gently leads us into the mysteries of our own shadows, helps us engage with the darkness, and discover its rich gifts.

Blending true accounts, personal insights, and stories from mythology, Moore encourages us to find our unique pathway through murky feelings and foggy thoughts so that we can emerge gentler, wiser people. "For a feeling of well-being, you have to shine, but your sparkle need not be superficial," teaches Moore. "That sparkle can rise up out of a deep place in you that is dark, but has its own kind of light."

Gifts of a Dark Night offers uplifting guidance and inspiration for embracing the trials that life gives us, finding in them a pathway to become "a person of heart and soul."


  • How the dark night is a sign that you are alive and growing
  • Darkness—not a threat, but a friend and teacher
  • The healing power of melancholy, and the surprising gift of not pursuing happiness at all costs
  • The subtle art of learning how to be positive without banishing the darkness
  • Reflection, imagination, and conversation—three enduring tools to help you engage with your dark night
  • Practical insights for revealing the gifts hidden in your shadows
  • Why "riding the wave of darkness" helps you to be more yourself and move toward who you are meant to be

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Customer Reviews

Review for Gifts of a Dark Night Review by Patricia

I find Thomas Moore's personality cloying and insipid at times, which causes me to be impatient with his presentation and resistant to listening to him. However, persevering brought reward. Ironically, this is the theme of Moore's work on "dark nights". The content of his presentation is filled with wisdom, compassion, and practical suggestions on how to turn toward the difficulty in our lives, with care and acceptance of the pain it brings. His humble teaching style inspires courage and curiosity. It is not just a teaching on how to do the deep exploration of what seems unbearable, it also offers companionship on the journey. We realize we are not alone. Grasping the essence of what he is teaching brings a confidence in the ability to get through hard times while finding meaningful purpose in doing so. This is the gift. Moore's work on the "dark night" is excellent. I recommend the audio format, GIFTS OF A DARK NIGHT, and his book, DARK NIGHTS OF THE SOUL, to anyone going through difficult times.

(Posted on 3/28/2014)


Self-Guided Course

Contents 3 Audio downloads (4 hours, 30 minutes)
Date Published February 22, 2011
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