Kundalini Meditation

Guided Chakra Practices to Activate the Energy of Awakening

Kundalini Meditation

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Optimize Your Health and Happiness with Practices from the Kundalini Tradition

Of the dozens of schools of yoga, the kundalini tradition has been called the most powerful for its ability to awaken higher consciousness. To help us experience this rich lineage, Harijiwan Khalsa offers Kundalini Meditation, a practical two-session program for learning how to recognize, expand, and direct our energy through the chakra system.

Drawing on three decades of teaching experience and his mastery in using the gong to help students shift unproductive energy patterns, Harijiwan invites us on an illuminating journey that explores:

  • The life-force energy known as kundalini—and how to use it to unleash your highest potential
  • Your eight chakras and how they manifest specific behaviors in the physical world
  • Communicating from your upper chakras for improved clarity and understanding
  • An eight-chakra gong meditation designed to remove negative energies and amplify positive ones
  • The “Wah He Guru” mantra, a healing practice for connecting to health, harmony, and bliss

“Working with kundalini energy and your chakras isn’t magic,” teaches Harijiwan, “but the results can be magical.” Kundalini Meditation offers transformative tools and teachings to awaken the full potential of your awareness—and help you enjoy life in ways that you might not have even imagined.


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Customer Reviews

Weird and Wonderful Review by Kathy

I've loved this meditation from the day that I first heard it. The narrator/author has a strange delivery, half-way between poet and perv. He makes several errors that always stop me short, such as calling the prostate gland the prostrate and speaking about removing perverted memories of sexual experiences, rather than memories of perverted sexual experiences. I do cringe when he gets to the sex stuff, because of that perviness in his voice. However, he is the only teacher I've ever listened to who addresses these issues. I have found that teachers of somatic meditation rarely touch on sexual issues, and some seem to forget that we have sexual organs at all. I think this is because the field is so male-dominated and I wish more women would take on the subject of bad sexual experiences that live in us at the cellular level. I applaud Hari, whoever he is. I hope he doesn't get himself in a lot of trouble.

(Posted on 11/8/2017)

Really Nice. Review by Dean

I downloaded this years ago (possibly five years). It has always helped me in some noticeable way...when I am sick, have a headache, or am feeling overwhelmed. Half of the download is an informative interview, the other half is a Gong-based meditation. I find it relaxing and I always come back to it. I would recommend it to anyone.

(Posted on 5/5/2016)

Insightful Review by Sue

Really enjoyed the insightful teachings, especially about how the chakras influence communication. I don't know which is more powerful, listening to the gong meditation with headphones or speaker? I thought may be a speaker so that the vibrations of the gong influence the chakras directly, but the tracks sound better through headphones.

(Posted on 6/3/2015)

simple and effective - can not praise more highly Review by cat

simple and effective - can not praise more highly

(Posted on 12/12/2014)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Julie A

Amazing! I listen to this daily! It is so Powerful!

(Posted on 6/6/2014)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Marcia

Thoroughly enjoyed these two CDs. The first time I used the chant at the end of the first CD, I could feel the kundalini energy rising up my spine. By the time I went to bed, it felt like my spine had been through a fabulous massage.

Just listened the second CD.

Am looking for to using CDs again and again. Both are easy to listen to and make so much sense.

(Posted on 3/3/2014)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Jean M

This is another one that accompanies me into the land of sleep many nights. Ra Ma Da Sa!

(Posted on 8/2/2013)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Cyberpilgrim

Found this to be refreshing. There is an uplift after listening to guided meditation. It is different from most of the "passive" guided meditation, in which mindfuness, awareness focuses attention. I can see James T 's point - certain brushing off style - cliche is implicit and James T perhaps has a valid point. However, there is a lightening up of density and surge after listening - it works, inspite of my mild resitance.

(Posted on 8/1/2013)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by jean tracy

powerful spiritual uplifting

(Posted on 6/1/2013)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Matt

Hi Carol, We're sorry that this program didn't work for you. Did you know that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for products bought on soundstrue.com? Please contact customerservice@soundstrue.com they will be able to help you out.

(Posted on 3/13/2013)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Carol C

It may be me, but this is a little too "woo-hoo" for me. It really did not help me in any way. The gong and the "chakra clearing" was not very substantial. Sorry I ordered it!

(Posted on 2/13/2013)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by James T

After looking at all the other reviews, I feel a little awkward writing this one, but of course, this is what I experienced. For me, this is the first Sounds True audio I listened to that didn't sound true. His descriptions of the chakra system, especially the lower ones seemed a little off. The whole discussion and mediation felt like a huge example of Spiritual Bypassing where negative feelings were considered bad and good feelings should be encouraged, thus a denial of the "negative" in order to reside in the "positive". Such a practice doesn't get anyone to an enlightened place because one is too busy denying parts of oneself, namely the shadow. It's not that we're supposed to dwell in the shadow, but it needs to be acknowledged and honored, in my point of view. I also felt that his focus on financial abundance simply catered to the "I want a better...whatever...for my life" crowd. I wouldn't recommend this CD to my friends or to anyone else for that matter.

(Posted on 1/25/2013)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Raquel F

I found this program to be very enjoyable. Not only because it provides much very interesting information about the chakras but explained in a very simple way. The program also includes a meditation aided by a gong. This is the first product I purchase from Mr. Harijiwan Khalsa. I highly recommend it and look forward to purchasing more.

(Posted on 1/24/2013)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Kaye R

I absolutely love this meditation cd, and listen to it every day. Originally, I had it from the library; I ordered it from Sounds True before it was finished playing! The first disc has loads of insights about chakras; I still listen to it frequently, and hear something new each time. The second disc, the guided meditation with the amazing gong music, takes you to realms of bliss.

(Posted on 10/20/2012)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Karen Taylor

I really loved this. Quite indepth for such a small lenght and price.

(Posted on 7/22/2012)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Karen Taylor

I really loved this

(Posted on 7/22/2012)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Daryll Smith

Love it

(Posted on 7/22/2012)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Susan

I love this meditation...although it can feel long, I find I come out of it feeling so balanced, strong and with incredible vibrant energy! Highly recommend

(Posted on 7/5/2012)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Maria Dinis

Wonderful cd! I am listening it everyday and enjoying! very helpful meditation. I recommend it.

(Posted on 3/17/2012)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by William Mackenzie-Smith

This is an excellent recording. The author's explanations are very clear and precise. It is my first experience of using the Gong to heal the Chakras and I found it to be an extremely powerful method.

(Posted on 2/7/2012)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Amy Renee Patterson

the teaching portion of this set was well done. i purchased this for my husband who had no experiance with the chakras, were as i have been working with energy and kundalini for 30 yrs..we listened together and both got some treasures out of it. It was a great refresher for me with new insight about communication and my husband felt he understood the chakras on a much deeper level. The meditaion portion, with the gong, was a powerful experiance for my husband and I both. I really loved the gong. I have revisited this meditation over a dozen times now and I really like the places it takes me... I bought it for a gift for a friend.. and she is enjoying it too.

(Posted on 2/1/2012)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Gina Filley

I have read many books on the subject of Kundalini, however, the information presented on disk one was both refreshing and enlightening! The meditation on disk two is phenomenal. I am grateful for authors such as Harijiwan who take the time to share their knowledge with the rest of humanity.

(Posted on 1/22/2012)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Lill Van Eps

Mr. Khalsa makes a complex subject easy to grasp for the western audience. The practices are easy to follow. Excellent product.

(Posted on 1/11/2012)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Debra Healey

I have been very pleased with all my purchases from sounds true. Kundalini Mediation is a great introduction to Kundalini yoga. Hawijan is a great teacher.

(Posted on 1/8/2012)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by KAREN SCHILLING

Informative, Relaxing and very easy. Just listen!! Seems to be making a shift in my everyday life after only a short time of using this CD.

(Posted on 1/7/2012)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Connie Collins

I believe I've really noticed an improvement in the energy of the fifth chakra which I was concentrating on. I am very pleased with my purchase. Thankyou

(Posted on 1/7/2012)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Kay Gustin

I found this guided meditation to be just what it claims to be. The meditation takes one through the seven chakras and the aura.

(Posted on 11/16/2011)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by SLK

I enjoyed the set. An eight chakra model was used instead of the usual Westernized 7 chakra model usually used. My only complaint is that when it switched over to the meditation parts the sound seemed to drop so the audio wasn't even for some reason. But outside of that I liked it.

(Posted on 9/26/2011)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Courice Dilworth

Nice but did drag on at times, but i enjoy it!

(Posted on 8/28/2011)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by Bruce Furnival

Fast-talking, easy-to-understand teacher gives a fascinating talk on chakras and kundalini and their use. Plus do-it-yourself mantra and sound-wave practices for clearing chakras and activating kundalini. More usable than other approaches because it is not only applicable to healing, but to achieving success as well. Reccommended

(Posted on 2/13/2011)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by munapua

stumbled across this cd.....it is a perfect fit for me. thank you:)

(Posted on 11/3/2010)

Review for Kundalini Meditation Review by John Yost

Harijiwan is one of the premier teachers of Yoga today. His teachings are insightful, funny and very easy to absorb. For those haven't caught his live act, this audio is the next best thing. It is not recommended that you practice yoga while driving.

(Posted on 1/23/2010)



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