Meeting Your Power Animal or Guardian Spirit

Meeting Your Power Animal or Guardian Spirit

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History's first meditators were the shamans, whose practices for contemplation and connecting with the divine are echoed in virtually every spiritual tradition today. Sandra Ingerman invites you to return to the source of human spirituality—and experience for yourself the enduring power of these ancient practices for healing, guidance, and awakening. Here, she leads a guided meditation—called a "journey" in the shamanic tradition—for finding your spirit teachers and power animals.

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This session is excerpted from Sandra Ingerman's two-CD audio program Shamanic Meditations.


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Customer Reviews

Short, sweet and to the point Review by Elise

Sandra Ingerman gives a beautiful and succinct guided meditation for meeting your spirit guide or power animal, and how best to interact with them for your mutual benefit.

I would like to add that if the power animal you meet seems at all threatening, if it shows you its teeth or claws, you can reject it and come back another time.

Thanks to Sandra Ingerman and Sounds True for a really life-enhancing recording.

(Posted on 5/9/2015)


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Date Published March 03, 2014
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