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Spiritual Journey

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  1. Tibetan Dream Yoga

    Starting at: $13.10

    Dream practices to enhance creativity, overcome deep fears, and break harmful habits. Learn More
  2. Natural Meditation

    Starting at: $2.99

    Two powerful meditations for experiencing the sky-like freedom of the primordial mind. Learn More
  3. Natural Perfection

    Starting at: $18.35

    Take the struggle out of meditation with secret teachings from Tibetan Buddhism. Learn More
  4. Buddha Is As Buddha Does

    Starting at: $15.73

    An original author adaptation of Lama Surya Das’ book on the core teachings of the Buddha. Learn More
  5. Natural Radiance

    Starting at: $8.97

    Practices for the “swift, direct path” of Tibetan Buddhism’s pinnacle teaching, Dzogchen. Learn More
  6. Tibetan Energy Yoga

    Starting at: $10.48

    Tibetan exercises to improve health and sharpen mental awareness in just minutes a day. Learn More
  7. Natural Meditation

    Starting at: $10.48

    A video training course in Dzogchen practice with meditations, breathwork, and chanting. Learn More
  8. Make Me One with Everything

    Starting at: $10.77

    Intermeditation—the joy of oneness with all things. Learn More
  9. Divine Eros

    Starting at: $18.00

    Divine Eros brings selfless love and passionate desire together. Learn More
  10. Kundalini Meditation

    Starting at: $10.48

    Enjoy life more by balancing the chakras with tools from the kundalini tradition. Learn More
  11. All the Time in the World

    Starting at: $9.00

    Practical tools for finding peace and balance in a fast-paced world. Learn More
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