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Spiritual Journey

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  1. Radiant Mind

    Starting at: $36.73

    Nearly eight hours of wisdom and meditations from a master teacher of nondual practice. Learn More
  2. Radiant Mind

    Starting at: $13.77

    A practical approach to nondual philosophy, specifically adapted for Westerners. Learn More
  3. Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby

    Starting at: $11.37

    A complete yogic approach to childbearing with dozens of exercises in a monthly sequence. Learn More
  4. Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby

    Starting at: $13.10

    Meditations, breathwork, and gentle yoga for radiant health and joy throughout pregnancy. Learn More
  5. Divine Eros

    Starting at: $18.00

    Divine Eros brings selfless love and passionate desire together. Learn More
  6. Instant Enlightenment

    Starting at: $8.97

    Exercises and insights to bring awareness to the “dark side” of spirituality. Learn More
  7. Daring to Rest

    Starting at: $10.02

    Modern women are exhausted. Fortunately, there is a powerful solution that any woman can use to restore her vitality no matter how busy or overwhelmed she feels—yoga nidra, the art of conscious relaxation. In Daring to Rest, Karen Brody presents a transformative 40-day yoga nidra program, complete with downloadable guided meditations. This book provides an essential resource for helping exhausted women everywhere break the vicious cycle of fatigue and tap into their true power and joy.

    Learn More
  8. The Way of the Superior Man (20th Anniversary Edition)

    Starting at: $10.77

    In 1997, David Deida released what would become one of the most widely read books on men’s spirituality ever published—The Way of the Superior Man. In this special twentieth-anniversary edition, Deida presents a new preface to the now-classic text on how to live a life of masculine freedom, integrity, and authenticity.

    Learn More
  9. The Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra Meditation Program

    Starting at: $36.72

    Break the cycle of fatigue, reclaim rest, and awaken your true nature with a 40-day yoga nidra program for women.

    Learn More
  10. The Way of the Superior Man

    Starting at: $15.73

    For a new generation of readers, an unabridged audiobook of David Deida's spiritual guide for men. Learn More
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