Spiritual Journey

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  1. It's OK That You're Not OK

    It's OK That You're Not OK

    Megan Devine

    Challenging conventional wisdom on grief, a pioneering therapist offers a new resource dealing with intense loss. Learn More

    $10.17 $12.71

  2. Radiant Mind

    Radiant Mind

    Peter Fenner

    A practical approach to nondual philosophy, specifically adapted for Westerners. Learn More


  3. Inside the Miracle

    Inside the Miracle

    Mark Nepo

    “Miracle is a process, not an event,” reflects Mark Nepo. In this book, he speaks with the authenticity and compassion of one who's been there as he relates his own journey through cancer, to share insights into how we can each find the resilience and medicine that awaits within our suffering. Learn More

    $13.17 $14.70

  4. The Way Under the Way

    The Way Under the Way

    Mark Nepo


    Everything visible rises out of a greater, invisible force that brings it into being. The Way Under the Way brings you a three-volume collection of poetry by Mark Nepo that reveals and affirms that invisible force. The first book, Suite for the Living, explores “the thousand ways to enter the great opening that follows heartache and loss.” Book two, Inhabiting Wonder, describes “how kindness, truth, and softness help us to enter time and inhabit wonder.” Book three, The Way Under the Way, explores “that place of true meeting that is always near.”

    Learn More

    $13.77 $15.38

  5. Things That Join the Sea and the Sky

    Things That Join the Sea and the Sky

    Mark Nepo

    Concise gems of wisdom to illuminate the mind and heart through life’s sorrows and joys. Learn More

    $11.37 $14.21

  6. Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby

    Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby

    Margo Shapiro Bachman

    A complete yogic approach to childbearing with dozens of exercises in a monthly sequence. Learn More

    $11.37 $12.70

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