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Spiritual Journey

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  1. Radiant Mind

    Starting at: $13.77

    A practical approach to nondual philosophy, specifically adapted for Westerners. Learn More
  2. The Book of Ceremony- eBook

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    Special Price $11.37

    Sandra Ingerman

    We perform ceremonies to mark important events and celebrate holidays—yet our modern approach to ceremony only scratches the surface of its true potential. With The Book of Ceremony, shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman presents a rich and practical resource for creating ceremonies filled with joy, purpose, and magic. “We are hungry to connect with more than what we experience with our ordinary senses in the material world,” writes Sandra. “By performing ceremonies, you will find yourself stepping into a beautiful and creative power you might never have imagined.”

    Weaving shamanic teachings together with stories, examples, and guiding insights, The Book of Ceremony explores:

    • The elements of a powerful ceremony—including setting strong intentions, choosing your space, preparing ceremonial items, and dealing gracefully with the unexpected
    • Stepping into the sacred—key practices for leaving behind your everyday concerns and creating a space where magic can happen
    • Guidance for working alone, in community, and across distances with virtual ceremonies
    • Invoking spiritual allies—the power of working with the elements, the natural world, ancestor spirits, and the creative energy of the divine
    • Sacred transitions—including ceremonies for weddings, births, rites of passage to adulthood, funerals, honorable closure, and new beginnings
    • Ceremonies for energetic balance—healing and blessing, resolving sacred contracts, getting rid of limiting beliefs, creating Prayer Trees, and more
    • Life as a ceremony—how to infuse your entire life with ceremonial practice, from planting a garden or to revitalizing your home or office to helping heal our planet

    The Book of Ceremony is more than a “how-to” guide—it will inspire you to create original ceremonies tailored to your own needs and the needs of your community. When you invoke the sacred power of ceremony, you tap into one of the oldest and most effective tools for transforming both yourself and the world. As Sandra writes, “If you perform one powerful and successful ceremony for yourself, the principle of oneness ensures that all of life heals and evolves.”

    Learn More
  3. Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby

    Starting at: $11.37

    A complete yogic approach to childbearing with dozens of exercises in a monthly sequence. Learn More
  4. Shamanic Journeying

    Starting at: $8.97

    An integrated book-and-CD course for venturing into the spirit world for wisdom. Learn More
  5. Awakening to the Spirit World

    Starting at: $11.97

    A comprehensive guide to indigenous practices for healing, insight, and spiritual growth. Learn More
  6. Walking in Light

    Starting at: $10.77

    Shamanism is a practice that continues to attract those who seek to live a life filled with harmony, good health, and a deep connection to the realm of spirit. With Walking in Light, expert teacher Sandra Ingerman presents a comprehensive resource of tools and insights for shamanic living. Learn More
  7. The Book of Ceremony

    Starting at: $11.37

    Sandra Ingerman offers a practical and inspired guide for creating ceremonies infused with meaning, joy, and sacred light. Here she shares essential instruction for ceremonies that invoke the power of your intention, the support of family and community, and the aid of the spirit world. Features guidance for adapting traditional wisdom to create ceremonies for modern practitioners—including rites of passage, sacred marriages, connecting with ancestors, creating Prayer Trees, and many more.

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