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  1. We Do

    We Do

    Stan Tatkin

    Committing yourself fully to a loving partnership—a “we”—can be one of the most beautiful and fulfilling experiences you’ll ever have. Yet as anyone in a long-term relationship will tell you, it can also be one of the most challenging. Almost half of all first marriages end in divorce, and chances for staying together go down from there. So, how do you beat the odds? In We Do, psychotherapist Dr. Stan Tatkin provides a groundbreaking system for helping couples create meaningful, enduring relationships.

    According to Dr. Tatkin, all couples—once major deal-breakers are out of the way—have the potential for long-term relationship success. But relationships don’t thrive for the reasons we think they do, such as shared values or good communication. Far more influential are psychobiological factors, including attachment styles, arousal regulation, family history, and social-emotional intelligence. We Do guides couples through exercises, questions, and real-world challenges that will help them both ensure they are with the right partner and prevent future problems before they arise.

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  2. Leap First

    Leap First

    Seth Godin

    Business visionary Seth Godin’s audio intensive for igniting courage, creativity, and connection in your work life. Learn More

    $10.48 $13.36

  3. Radiant Mind

    Radiant Mind

    Peter Fenner

    Nearly eight hours of wisdom and meditations from a master teacher of nondual practice. Learn More


  4. Radiant Mind

    Radiant Mind

    Peter Fenner

    A practical approach to nondual philosophy, specifically adapted for Westerners. Learn More


  5. Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby

    Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby

    Margo Shapiro Bachman

    A complete yogic approach to childbearing with dozens of exercises in a monthly sequence. Learn More

    $11.37 $12.70

  6. Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby

    Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby

    Margo Shapiro Bachman

    Meditations, breathwork, and gentle yoga for radiant health and joy throughout pregnancy. Learn More

    $13.10 $16.72

  7. Divine Eros

    Divine Eros

    A.H. Almaas, Karen Johnson

    Divine Eros brings selfless love and passionate desire together. Learn More


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