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Spiritual Journey

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  1. Cutting Through Fear

    Starting at: $13.10

    Transform and release your difficult emotions with a four-step Tibetan Buddhist practice. Learn More
  2. The Musical Body

    Starting at: $22.39

    New possibilities for living emerge as your essential self flows ever more profoundly. Learn More
  3. Chakra Illumination

    Starting at: $10.48

    Music, breathwork, and guided practices to begin to awaken your full spiritual potential. Learn More
  4. The Musical Body: Harmonizer

    Starting at: $7.99

    Release energetic blockages created by accumulated emotional and physical stress. Learn More
  5. The Chakra Sound System

    Starting at: $66.33

    David Ison’s music-based meditation system for chakra awakening and life transformation. Learn More
  6. Om Deeksha

    Starting at: $9.44

    Deva Premal, Sudha, and many more offer a musical transmission of the Oneness Blessing. Learn More
  7. The Mandala of the Enlightened Feminine

    Starting at: $31.48

    A course on tapping into the five Buddhist female archetypes (dakinis) for transformation. Learn More
  8. The Chakra Sound System
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8 Item(s)