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Spiritual Journey

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  1. Cutting Through Fear

    Starting at: $13.10

    Transform and release your difficult emotions with a four-step Tibetan Buddhist practice. Learn More
  2. Belonging Here

    Starting at: $13.77

    Practices and insights for the challenges that often accompany spiritual sensitivity. Learn More
  3. Trauma and the Unbound Body

    Starting at: $12.69

    Heal trauma. Reclaim your body. Live with wholeness. These are the gifts of utilizing the power of fundamental consciousness—a subtle field of awareness that lies within each of us. In Trauma and the Unbound Body, Dr. Judith Blackstone explores how we can resolve the mental, physical, and emotional struggles of trauma by connecting to our true essence, which can never be wounded or harmed.


    Dr. Blackstone is best known as the creator of The Realization Process, a powerful approach to healing and awakening based on deep contact with the internal space of one’s body. In this book, she shows us how trauma of the past may haunt our present life by getting unconsciously bound within the fascia (connective tissue) of the body, causing physical and emotional pain. Dr. Blackstone guides us through step-by-step processes to unwind those constrictions by connecting to a transcendent field, setting the body free of trauma once and for all and creating an unbreakable, unified ground of being.

    Learn More
  4. Om Deeksha

    Starting at: $9.44

    Deva Premal, Sudha, and many more offer a musical transmission of the Oneness Blessing. Learn More
  5. The Mandala of the Enlightened Feminine

    Starting at: $31.48

    A course on tapping into the five Buddhist female archetypes (dakinis) for transformation. Learn More
  6. The Realization Process

    Starting at: $36.73

    A sequential curriculum for attuning to fundamental consciousness. Learn More
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