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  1. The Anatomy of Your Health

    The Anatomy of Your Health

    Caroline Myss

    It’s clear that the old, mechanical model of health is no longer enough. A comprehensive approach to health must include the physical body, psychology, the energetic anatomy, environmental factors, and our spiritual life—and how to heal each of these systems when they break down. Caroline Myss presents an immersive audio training to help you awaken to the many forces that affect your well-being—and empower yourself to thrive in a changing world. Learn More

    $28.00 $46.86

  2. The Power of Prayer

    The Power of Prayer

    Caroline Myss

    Practical guidance on the essential art for spiritual connection and transformation. Learn More

    $13.10 $16.72

  3. Divine Rebels

    Divine Rebels

    Caroline Myss, Andrew Harvey

    How history's spiritual trailblazers light the way on our own evolutionary journeys. Learn More

    $36.73 $46.87

  4. Your Primal Nature

    Your Primal Nature

    Caroline Myss

    Myss explores our pagan roots and our longing for the wild energy only nature can provide. Learn More


  5. Primal Power Meditation

    Primal Power Meditation

    Caroline Myss

    Caroline Myss guides us in tapping into the vital energies of the natural world. Learn More


  6. Three Levels of Power and How to Use Them

    Three Levels of Power and How to Use Them

    Caroline Myss

    The audio edition of Myss’ PBS special fast-forwards listeners to the future of healing. Learn More


  7. Invisible Acts of Power

    Invisible Acts of Power

    Caroline Myss

    Myss explains why being of service to others is not an option, but a biological necessity. Learn More


  8. Your Power to Create

    Your Power to Create

    Caroline Myss

    Caroline Myss cuts through the myths of manifestation to help unlock your personal power. Learn More

    $10.48 $13.37

  9. The Sacred Contract of America

    The Sacred Contract of America

    Caroline Myss

    An invitation to reconnect with America’s original vision of freedom and power. Learn More

    $15.73 $20.07

  10. Energy Anatomy and Advanced Energy Anatomy Bundle

    Energy Anatomy and Advanced Energy Anatomy Bundle

    Caroline Myss

    In Energy Anatomy, you will learn how the human body encodes thought, converts it into matter, and stores it as energy within specific areas of the body. After working with thousands of patients, Myss decoded the process of how these energy centers work—linked specific illnesses with past emotional traumas—and solved the puzzle of why some people heal, while others don’t.

    In Advanced Energy Anatomy, you will build on what you learned in Energy Anatomy. Dr. Myss reviews her results with thousands of people in search of healing, and identifies the one power that can literally change the future: your power of choice. Each choice you make can bring you into partnership with the divine. You will learn a new understanding of how archetypes and other unconscious forces relate to problems of health, addiction, self-esteem, and victimhood, while opening you to partnership with the divine power that makes everything in life possible.

    Learn More


  11. Science, Spirit, and Soul

    Science, Spirit, and Soul

    Larry Dossey

    A voyage to the edge of spirituality and science to find a new model for healing. Learn More


  12. Creating on Purpose

    Creating on Purpose

    Anodea Judith, Lion Goodman

    A step-by-step method to manifest your soul's highest vision and co-create a better world. Learn More

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