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  1. Meditations for the Inner Shaman

    Meditations for the Inner Shaman

    José Luis Stevens

    Guided practices to strengthen your connection to your deepest source of spiritual wisdom. Learn More

    $13.10 $16.72

  2. The Power Path Training

    The Power Path Training

    Lena Stevens, José Luis Stevens

    Six sessions of audio training in shamanic practices for self-inquiry and empowerment. Learn More

    $28.00 $46.87

  3. Awaken the Inner Shaman

    Awaken the Inner Shaman

    José Luis Stevens

    A guide for connecting to your source of power—the wise, true self of the Inner Shaman. Learn More


  4. Science, Spirit, and Soul

    Science, Spirit, and Soul

    Larry Dossey

    A voyage to the edge of spirituality and science to find a new model for healing. Learn More


  5. Creating on Purpose

    Creating on Purpose

    Anodea Judith, Lion Goodman

    A step-by-step method to manifest your soul's highest vision and co-create a better world. Learn More

    $10.77 $12.03

  6. Encounters with Power

    Encounters with Power

    José Luis Stevens

    Settle in by the fire and get ready for some hair-raising tales of mystery and self-discovery. José Stevens offers a series of personal stories from his time with indigenous shamans around the world, sharing powerful lessons to benefit modern shamanic practitioners. Here he offers riveting accounts of encounters with all manner of teaching

    Learn More

    $10.77 $12.07

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