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  1. Creating on Purpose

    Creating on Purpose

    Anodea Judith, Lion Goodman

    A step-by-step method to manifest your soul's highest vision and co-create a better world. Learn More

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  2. Waking from the Trance

    Waking from the Trance

    Stephen Wolinsky

    Break free from the limitations of the false self with 7 CDs to expand your consciousness. Learn More


  3. Women's Yoga Chants

    Women's Yoga Chants

    Wah!, Diana Rogers

    Ecstatic voices and hypnotic grooves to touch your heart and carry you upward to bliss. Learn More


  4. Science, Spirit, and Soul

    Science, Spirit, and Soul

    Larry Dossey

    A voyage to the edge of spirituality and science to find a new model for healing. Learn More


  5. The Empathy Effect

    The Empathy Effect

    Helen Riess, Liz Neporent

    “Getting in touch with your own empathic capacity helps you recognize our shared humanity and not get caught up in particular subgroups, ethnicities, race, or social class,” writes acclaimed researcher Dr. Helen Riess. With The Empathy Effect, she presents science-based practices to enhance empathic behavior; recognize and reverse scapegoating tactics; practice empathy at work, home, and in everyday settings; discover ways to build empathy in groups and leadership positions; and more.

    Learn More


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