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  1. Shakti Meditations

    Shakti Meditations

    Sally Kempton

    Meditations to invoke the goddesses of yoga and awaken their energies within you. Learn More

    $15.73 $20.07

  2. Awakening Shakti

    Awakening Shakti

    Sally Kempton

    A practical guide for activating the sacred feminine energy within us through the goddesses of yoga. Learn More

    $11.97 $13.37

  3. Doorways to the Infinite

    Doorways to the Infinite

    Sally Kempton

    From the heart of Tantra, guided practices to experience profound wonder and awakening. Learn More

    $36.73 $46.87

  4. Meditation for the Love of It

    Meditation for the Love of It

    Sally Kempton

    An indispensable guide for developing a lasting, fulfilling meditation practice. Learn More

    $11.97 $13.37

  5. Beginning Meditation

    Beginning Meditation

    Sally Kempton

    A struggle-free way to start a meditation practice you'll look forward to continuing. Learn More

    $10.48 $13.37

  6. Awakening to Kali

    Awakening to Kali

    Sally Kempton

    An invitation to experience Kali, the goddess of fierce transformation. Learn More


  7. Kempton Meditation Bundle

    Kempton Meditation Bundle

    Sally Kempton

    Save when you order Sally Kempton’s meditation audio course and book bundle together. Learn More


  8. Science, Spirit, and Soul

    Science, Spirit, and Soul

    Larry Dossey

    A voyage to the edge of spirituality and science to find a new model for healing. Learn More


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