Spiritual Journey

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  1. Exploring Vibrational Medicine

    Exploring Vibrational Medicine

    Richard Gerber

    A pioneering physician shares thought-provoking research into energy-based medicine. Learn More


  2. Healing Through Mindfulness

    Healing Through Mindfulness

    Ron Siegel

    What’s keeping you from feeling better? According to pioneering mind-body psychologist Dr. Ronald Siegel, the answer usually lies in our hard-wired reactions to both our symptoms and other sources of stress in our lives.

    As Dr. Siegel acknowledges, many common health concerns—such as headaches, back pain, and digestive disorders—often have physical roots. But when these concerns don’t resolve with conventional medicine or lifestyle changes, it’s time to address the mental patterns that may be preventing our recovery. Healing Through Mindfulness provides an important complement to other treatments, sharing evidence-based mindfulness techniques to resolve a wide range of disorders.

    Learn More


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