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  1. The Master Key Video Series

    The Master Key Video Series

    Robert Peng

    Four DVDs of powerful practices to enhance our health, happiness, and spiritual journey. Learn More

    $41.99 $53.57

  2. The Honeymoon Effect

    The Honeymoon Effect

    Bruce H. Lipton

    An unabridged reading of the bestselling book on the secrets of blissful living. Learn More

    $15.73 $20.07

  3. The Wisdom of Your Cells

    The Wisdom of Your Cells

    Bruce H. Lipton

    Discover how the new science of epigenetics shatters the purely mechanistic model of life. Learn More

    $41.98 $53.57

  4. Qigong Ecstasy

    Qigong Ecstasy

    Robert Peng

    Step-by-step training in a gentle practice for infusing your life with the energy of joy. Learn More

    $10.49 $13.37

  5. AM/PM Qigong

    AM/PM Qigong

    Robert Peng

    Morning and evening Qigong exercises for energetic balance throughout the day. Learn More

    $10.48 $13.37

  6. The Master Key Audio Series

    The Master Key Audio Series

    Robert Peng

    Audio Qigong instruction with a special emphasis on visualizing the flow of subtle energy. Learn More

    $20.98 $26.77

  7. The Biology of Belief

    The Biology of Belief

    Bruce H. Lipton

    Learn how your biology is shaped by the intelligence of each of your fifty trillion cells. Learn More

    $12.00 $16.72

  8. The Lotus Meditation

    The Lotus Meditation

    Robert Peng

    Qi Gong introduction through a complete full-body energy cleansing visualization. Learn More


  9. The Spontaneous Evolution Experience

    The Spontaneous Evolution Experience

    Bruce H. Lipton

    A great change will soon sweep the world. Are you ready for it? In this fascinating spoken-word offering, pioneering cell biologist Dr. Bruce H. Lipton reveals what his studies of epigenetics, social history, climate change, and the power of belief have to say about humankind’s cataclysmic—and ultimately triumphant—future.

    Learn More


  10. Spontaneous Evolution

    Spontaneous Evolution

    Bruce H. Lipton, Steve Bhaerman

    A hopeful look at the unfolding of our species—and how we can actively co-create it. Learn More

    $18.35 $23.42

  11. The Master Key Collection

    The Master Key Collection

    Robert Peng

    Immersive instruction in working with life force energy to amplify health and well-being. Learn More


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