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  1. The Self-Acceptance Project

    The Self-Acceptance Project

    Various Authors

    In this collection of practical essays, 19 leading teachers explore the questions around self-acceptance—and investigate how we can overcome the difficulties of embracing who we are. Join them to learn where our self-critical voices come from, how we can find motivation to change and excel while still accepting ourselves as we are, and how we can best offer compassion and forgiveness toward ourselves and others. Learn More

    $10.17 $11.35

  2. The Art of Empathy

    The Art of Empathy

    Karla McLaren

    Learn to awaken the most powerful dimension of your emotional intelligence—empathy. Learn More

    $11.37 $12.70

  3. In Search of Wisdom

    In Search of Wisdom

    Alexandre Jollien, Christophe André, Matthieu Ricard

    A profound exploration of some of humanity’s enduring philosophical questions. Learn More

    $12.69 $14.21

  4. The Blind Spot Effect

    The Blind Spot Effect

    Kelly Boys

    A practical guide to identifying and working with your perceptual, emotional, and cognitive blind spots.

    Learn More


  5. The Book of Beasties

    The Book of Beasties

    Sarah Bamford Seidelmann

    A fun, fresh, and practical guide for connecting with the wisdom of nature through spirit animals. Learn More

    $13.17 $14.70

  6. Mindfulness


    Joseph Goldstein

    A definitive book on mindfulness: what it is, where it came from, and why we practice. Learn More

    $11.97 $17.39

  7. Mindful of Race

    Mindful of Race

    Ruth King

    How to grow our inner capacity to face racial ignorance and suffering with a wise and caring heart. Learn More

    $10.77 $12.02

  8. The Empath's Survival Guide

    The Empath's Survival Guide

    Judith Orloff


    For highly sensitive people known as empaths, life presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. In this paperback edition of The Empath’s Survival Guide, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Judith Orloff offers an empowering book to support empaths, their loved ones, and anyone who wants to develop their empathy in an often insensitive world. Here she offers essential tools and wisdom to help sensitive people prevent fatigue, build resilience, find healthy relationships and work, raise empathic children, and much more.

    Learn More

    $12.00 $17.21

  9. A Lamp in the Darkness

    A Lamp in the Darkness

    Jack Kornfield

    Practical wisdom and guided meditations for strength, compassion, balance, and integrity. Learn More

    $8.97 $10.02

  10. Awakening to the Spirit World

    Awakening to the Spirit World

    Sandra Ingerman, Hank Wesselman

    A comprehensive guide to indigenous practices for healing, insight, and spiritual growth. Learn More

    $11.97 $13.37

  11. No Recipe

    No Recipe

    Edward Espe Brown

    A book about food, the dharma, and what happens when we bring the two together. Learn More

    $10.77 $12.02

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Items: 1-12 of 146

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