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  1. Yoga Nidra

    Yoga Nidra

    Richard Miller

    A practical way to explore an ancient, tantric yoga path that leads to inner freedom. Learn More

    $8.97 $10.02

  2. Free Your Voice

    Free Your Voice

    Silvia Nakkach, Valerie Carpenter

    More than 100 enjoyable singing exercises and vocal practices for personal transformation. Learn More

    $11.37 $12.70

  3. A Lamp in the Darkness

    A Lamp in the Darkness

    Jack Kornfield

    Practical wisdom and guided meditations for strength, compassion, balance, and integrity. Learn More

    $8.97 $10.02

  4. Awakening to the Spirit World

    Awakening to the Spirit World

    Sandra Ingerman, Hank Wesselman

    A comprehensive guide to indigenous practices for healing, insight, and spiritual growth. Learn More

    $11.97 $13.37

  5. Untie the Strong Woman

    Untie the Strong Woman

    Clarissa Pinkola Estés

    Join Dr. Estés to both honor the feast day of Guadalupe and celebrate the Blessed Mother through stories, prayers, and blessings. Learn More


  6. The Language of Yoga

    The Language of Yoga

    Nicolai Bachman

    An indispensable reference guide for any serious student of yoga. Learn More

    $14.97 $16.72

  7. Tending the Heart Fire

    Tending the Heart Fire

    Shiva Rea

    An illustrated guide for reconnecting with the sacred pulse of the heart and the flow of life. Learn More

    $17.97 $20.07

  8. Original Light

    Original Light

    Snatam Kaur

    Acclaimed devotional chant singer Snatam Kaur offers an accessible and comprehensive guide to the Kundalini Yoga’s five daily morning practices. An excellent introduction for anyone inspired by devotional chant, yoga, mantra, or the music of this luminary voice of the tradition. Learn More

    $16.17 $20.21

  9. Insight Meditation

    Insight Meditation

    Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein

    Personal meditation instruction in a self-paced online course. Learn More

    $48.00 $137.00

  10. Tibetan Sound Healing

    Tibetan Sound Healing

    Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

    Connect to the sacred sounds of Tibetan Buddhism’s Bön tradition for transformation. Learn More

    $8.97 $10.02

  11. Meditation for Beginners

    Meditation for Beginners

    Jack Kornfield

    A gentle step-by-step introductory book and CD for newcomers to meditation. Learn More

    $8.97 $10.02

  12. Awaken Your Brain

    Awaken Your Brain

    Rick Hanson

    A six-part course on practices to rewire your brain for happiness, love, and wisdom. Learn More

    $36.00 $39.00

Grid List

Items: 1-12 of 34

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