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  1. The Energy Medicine Kit

    The Energy Medicine Kit

    Donna Eden

    More than thirty exercises to strengthen immunity, ease pain, and stabilize your emotions. Learn More

    $15.73 $20.07

  2. Untie the Strong Woman

    Untie the Strong Woman

    Clarissa Pinkola Estés

    Join Dr. Estés to both honor the feast day of Guadalupe and celebrate the Blessed Mother through stories, prayers, and blessings. Learn More


  3. Qi Gong for Health and Healing

    Qi Gong for Health and Healing

    Lee Holden

    Everything you need to start a lifelong energy practice in the qi gong tradition. Learn More


  4. The Essential Qigong Training Course

    The Essential Qigong Training Course

    Ken Cohen

    A home-study master class in using qigong for detoxification, awakening, and healing. Learn More


  5. Insight Meditation

    Insight Meditation

    Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein

    Personal meditation instruction in a self-paced online course. Learn More

    $48.00 $137.00

  6. Awaken Your Brain

    Awaken Your Brain

    Rick Hanson

    A six-part course on practices to rewire your brain for happiness, love, and wisdom. Learn More

    $36.00 $39.00

  7. The Matrix Energetics Experience

    The Matrix Energetics Experience

    Richard Bartlett

    A multimedia kit for using a “technology of consciousness” to transform your life. Learn More

    $52.48 $66.97

  8. The Yoga Sutras

    The Yoga Sutras

    Nicolai Bachman

    Deepen your yoga practice with a thematically oriented course on Patanjali's yoga sutras. Learn More


  9. The Chakra Sound System

    The Chakra Sound System

    David Ison

    David Ison’s music-based meditation system for chakra awakening and life transformation. Learn More


  10. Insight Meditation

    Insight Meditation

    Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg

    Comprehensive training in Buddhist meditation Learn More

    $96.00 $133.33

  11. The Reiki Touch

    The Reiki Touch

    William Lee Rand

    A comprehensive set of tools for uncovering Reiki’s most potent healing secrets. Learn More


  12. Facing Everything

    Facing Everything


    A three-session self-guided event on awakening through the fullness of your experience. Learn More


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